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Correct Golf Swing Plane Drills – http://tinyurl.com/guk97ts

Swing plane is a very confusing topic.

While many golfers work on their swing plane and try to improve (after all, it’s no secret that swing plane is important) they get bogged down in overly complex theory and say “to heck with this.”

Let’s face it…fixing your swing plane the traditional way (tons of golf lessons, endless hours on the range, etc.) just isn’t feasible for most amateur golfers.

It’s because of these reasons I decided to create an incredibly simple, straightforward plan that golfers of all experience and ability levels could understand and follow to improve their swing plane.

As a result I knew that I could help all amateur golfers strike the ball more consistently, while hitting longer and straighter golf shots than ever before.

Check out Correct Golf Swing Plane Drills Here: https://youtu.be/z7DpeVE6NOg