13 Rotational Exercises for Golfers Maximize Golf Swing Power

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Why do Golfers Need Rotational Exercises: because those exercises will you more power and distance out of your golf swing. The upper torso (thoracic spine) is designed to be mobile and allow rotation. Golfers especially need this rotational movement.  Being able to twist and turn the upper torso while keeping the low back, hips, and legs or lower body platform stable will maximize your golf swing.

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017 Rotational Mobility Workout (running time: 17:40-minutes)

It is important to do exercises that develop rotational mobility.  Firstly, if you lack mobility in that upper spine, there will be restrictions on how far you can turn your torso, therefore limiting your backswing.

Secondly, the lack of mobility in that upper spine will limit the backswing causing swing faults that could lead to swing compensations like swinging over the top, for instance.

Thirdly, without the ability to separate the upper from lower body, your swing will be limited in speed and power, therefore limiting your swing speed and distance.

In short, doing exercises, the ones in this workout, will  help you increase the mobility in your thoracic spine so you can learn to make a better turn and get you more power and distance out of your golf swing.

Rotational Mobility Workout

Pre-Test Swing Motion
Core Rotators
Core Rotators with Tilt
Reverse Lunge with Twist
Side Flexion
Backswing Rotators
Full Swing Rotators
Seated Twist
Roll Up
Rest Pose
Post-Test Swing Motion