2 Simple Exercises To Improve Your Golf Backswing & Prevent Neck & Shoulder Pain

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Almost every golf player would love to be able to hit the ball further or more accurately. Unfortunately you only have to be off by a few cm’s for your drive to be a long way from where you want it! By spending some time improving your body’s ability to rotate with good flexibility, while still maintaining great stability and importantly your eyes on the ball to eventually explode through and hit the perfect shot is what the goal of a good program should be.

However most golfers hardly spend anytime completing warm ups correctly if at all and if they are they are the exception to the rule and do a few exercises prior to teeing off, the exercises are poor ones at best. In this video we show you 2 really easy but highly effective exercises you can do anywhere.

And like anything if you put some time into it the rewards are amazing!

I learnt these exercises from Paul Chek’s book on Golf Biomechanics.
Check out www.chekinstitute.com if you want to get the book as I highly recommend it.

Also my wife and I recently completed the CHEK Golf Specialist course am now a Golf Specialist trainer. However when I first bought the book in 2006 it was mainly for finding information on how to rehab neck and shoulder injury’s as I had suffered many myself and was at the time training many clients with the various injuries. The shoulder and neck are such a complex area to train around and can be very frustrating as much as they are painful. These exercises help to stimulate the nervous system to encourage good movement without pain. The Feldenkrais method is absolutely awesome and I hope to complete a course on that soon too.

Anyway, I was referred to read this book by a good friend of mine and it changed my way of training forever, especially with regards to Rehabilitation. Even if you dont play golf these exercises are excellent to incorporate into any health and fitness program, especially functional strength training workouts. The results from completing just a handful of repetitions always spins my clients out. Older adults who suffer from poor posture and tight thoracic spines will benefit from this significantly. But if you are golf player and really want to take your game to the next level then begin by completing the exercises on this video every day. You can aim to do 1-2 sets of 10 reps each day and on the day you are playing golf spend 5-10 mins before you hit off and see how you go. Send me a comment if you try this as I would love to hear feedback as to the progress of your game.

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Lastly I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do in making them.

Yours in health,


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