Brothers in arms: Hitting the gym with Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka

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Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka are two of the best-conditioned players on tour, and their trainer believes it is no coincidence that their work has translated into titles.

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s says:

Dustin Johnson needs to either start doing more cocaine or less.

John Demerse says:

Going to be so arthritic in their 40's.

John Crazy says:

Brooks is a beast!!

Christina Pankey says:

Good advice to these poor young guys being lead astray, stay away from weights and the gym before you completely ruin your discs in your back and your shoulders along with a million other things that can go wrong. It's not worth it

The Inroad says:

Is wearing their wives pants part of the workout arrangement also?

Joe J says:

Joey D is "emotionally attached " because he is getting paid big bucks to hang out with millionaire sports figures. Puts him in the loop and makes the little guy feel sooooo important. Otherwise he'd be hanging around a Gold's Gym tweeking morons.

Stanley13 says:

amazing how many fitness/weight fanatics are short.

Kevin Tatum says:

Tiger changed the game forever…

Stephen Doty says:

These guys could finish #1 and #2 in the upcoming PGA 2019.
Mark my words.

SiLo Mixing and Mastering says:

And funnily enough Brooks and DJ were the only ones in with a hope of winning the PGA at Bethpage Black on the final day, everyone else capitulated

difranchise says:

You gonna put some weight on that bar???

roger peet says:

Right now, Johnson can't putt. I've seen this before with other guys. Watson could make putts until it was in side 6 feet. I hope Johnson gets this fixed.

Thomas McDonald says:

Brooks is gonna win a lot

K9 388 says:

Amazing what tiger has turn this sport into….

Thomas McDonald says:

Damn there are some jealous people , stupid people and insecure people in these comments . Who probably couldn’t hit the ball farther than bob barker hahaha

Meyer 7 says:

"Golf training center"
Sure ok

John Clark says:

Ain't javelin throwing…. it's more to do with putting…. check out Ben Crenshaw..Nick Faldo..

Livereater00 says:

…Tiger created this generation of super golfers… then, won his 15th Major vs guys like DJ & Koepka.

Alberto Montano says:

"Brothers in Arms" get the fuck outta here! These dudes are pussies compared to real brothers in arms

She Hate Me says:

Do they even lift

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