Golf Fitness for Swing Speed w/ PGA Tour Pro

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This is a workout to build explosive and stable speed. A Pga tour pro was there finishing up his workout before the season started right as I got there. Super impressive lower body action. Jealous.

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Boon Kiu Yip says:

He wont get more than 110 mph on the driver

MJ Kim says:

앗 강성훈 프로다! Is he Seng hoon Kang, Korean Golfer?

Lee says:

I’m here from 2018 telling you that it didn’t work…

John Browning says:

where is this gym?

Dougie Farquharson says:

good video .keep em comin

bunkerputt says:

5:48 The lollipop guild represents.

Jancen says:

How do you call that swing speed stick he is using?

Matthew James Arguile says:

Brendon is the most committed golf vlogger on youtube. Lord Jesus! I literally have a wide open schedule and I have never thought of a golf workout. Respect.

Sam melton says:

What do you shoot on average?

Mark Ingram says:

Thanks! Very informative. Hit them looong!

Rick O'Shea says:

I never trust a fitness instructor who has a big belly

fitweltweit Cathi says:

Great Video And sympathetic 👌🏻 On my Channel: Golf Fitness And Faszientraining ✌🏻️

noonster55 says:

where is this place? can anyone go? I need to go there.

ronrontan says:

I am sorry, with utmost respect, but the rambling intro put me really off…..or to sleep

Ham Anuphap says:

WoW your strength.

Neil Murphy says:

Really interesting video. Thanks for posting it. Nice composition of over speed, strength and plyometrics. With your pull ups, begin with your scapulae retracted and engage your lats during the pull-up. Feel as though your elbows tuck in to the sides at the top of the movement. If you continue with your current form, your shoulders and elbows will be wrecked!

2k10clarky says:

5:566:02 is too funny!

WoodyLongone says:

Brilliant stuff!

Chase Reyes says:

That's a pretty good point with the car analogy. I was watching a video with Rory Mcliroy and he said that his club speed was hitting it's fast point almost 10 inches before it got to the ball and was slowing down from that point. He then went on to say that is why he focuses most of his strength training around the legs and core in order to have a stable enough base to better control that speed.

MH Blades says:

Brendon, that was inspirational! That was a fascinating point about the need to be able to access your fastest swing on the first try. I'm definitely going to try to incorporate in my workout some of the things that you were heavy was the medicine ball that you were throwing against the wall? I've been doing something similar but with a 10 pound ball.can you put up contact information/website for your trainer?

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