The Most Important Part Of The Swing

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How would you like to know the most important part of golf? How do we improve ball contact? For those looking to be striking masters, this video on The Most Important Part Of The Swing is for you. We have the golf swing and your total game broken down to the 5 most important keys in our Top Speed Golf System. In this video we’ll cover contact, while improving key ball striking fundamentals! Start having real control of your game. Be able to hit any shot in golf! We’ll teach you.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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Richard Wolf says:

A “sharp U” is called a “V”. 😂✌️

V L says:

Sir, thank you for this video. Please set up a donation page so that I can contribute a couple of dollars for this video, thanks. Idealy NOT a commisson site like Patreon.

butch otey says:

Clay, I really love your videos. You are a hell of an instructor.

DirtRake says:

Had to laugh at the perfectly manicured piece of dirt comment 😂 Great instruction as always

Tennessee-Tuxdeo says:

Two Questions: 1. What technique are you using to judge your distance from the ball? 2. What video system are you using to get those numbers? Thank you in advance!!

Golden Gate says:

@topspeedgolf-clayballard great video Clay … as you actually have solutions to obtain results …

Tom Folino says:


Lee Ryan says:

Whilst not directly related to this video, thanks for introducing the Snell ball; they’re as good as any premium ball I’ve ever played…

Victor Ung says:

Hi Clay,
What is the name of the app that you use for the Ipad to measure the distance, height, etc.? (It is the app that you placed your Ipad on the ground across from you.) Thank you.

James Adcock says:

u swing too quick

ForeverCello says:

Clay, I really appreciate all your golf instruction. Instruction is great. Quick question. When you compress the ball and deloft your club at impact with your irons, would you also do this with a driver in the same way? Would your driver be delofted at impact with the driver? Thanks!

Ian Gifford says:

Yoooo, 1:18 just tripped me out. Thought you put in one of the artificial lines during editing lol

Corek BleedingHollow says:

The swing doesn't matter. What actually matters is how you contact the ball. Look at the pros. They don't all have the same swing.

Santiago De Ponce says:

Best on the net!!!

JR says:

That 2nd bit is the old "Snead Squat". But no one ever explained why he did it….until now. Great video, as always.

John Kinney says:


Pom Ham says:

Clay, I really like the way you explained the downswing path. It helped for me to understand the old adage, "swing from the inside, as If you are swinging to right field." They never mention the other movements of the swing, especially the opening of the hips. Really good video. Also, your explanation on impact on keeping the club face square down the target line, really good stuff.

starflash08 says:

this down and up motion (glide) has transformed my game

peter tucich says:

Clay/Quentin…what is the video where the hands go back first sort of leaving the club behind helping to get into a better plane and top position?

Jerry Coile says:

I understand what you are saying Clay about the flexibility in your knees and squatting down but, in my mind if I squat down I am lowering my golf swing and at the same time I’m panicking that the distance between my grip on the club and the bottom of my swing will be to shallow causing me to either lift up in order to skim the ground at contact or if I don’t raise up somewhat, I’m going to dig a huge divot at ball contact, …….that is if I even make contact with the club face. I’m always hitting the ball fat with turf and club face at the bottom of my swing. If I panick and raise up to much , I ‘ll hit the ball thin. For the life of me, I rarely hit a clean crisp shot with my irons! It’s exasperating to say in the least and I know if I could correct this flaw I could shave a minimum of ten strokes off my handicap! It’s holding me back when I could be working more on chipping and putting. Anything I’m missing here? I caught a hint of what you said when you pointed to the tip of the golf shaft coming up before contact. What part am I missing in this sequence?

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