Correct wrist movement during golf swing take away

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Starting your golf swing correctly is absolutely crucial. Having the correct wrist movement, body turn and arm rotation in the initial phase of your back swing will set you up to achieve a great swing movement and give you every chance to strike consistently, long, accurate golf shots. With this video we look specifically at the role of the wrists, body and arms in achieving that perfect take away move.


Larry McCraw says:

The pro players who waggle before striking don't waggle their wrists up and down. They move the club left and right. Some do it with there arms and or shoulders, but some do it with their wrists. Watch Jason Dufner prepare to strike the ball. His wrists move the club head right and left not up and down.

Larry McCraw says:

If you lift the club up from address position, at some point before reaching the ball you must set it back down. You must set it down just enough to hit the ball, then a bit of ground, for iron shots. My question is, at what point do you do this setting back down of the club?
If you pulled the club horizontally away from the ball with your wrists, I suppose centrifugal force might be sufficient to whip it back around, but I can see that a small lagging behind or getting ahead of the hands would produce either a right or left flight of the ball. Tricky game, eh?

Scott Robinson says:

Too much rotation too early. The left arm needs to move across the chest before the lion-share of the rotation happens. The hands do not stay in front of the chest in good golf swings.

Tigerburningbright says:

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Thomas Fraser says:

Hi coach Natalie who are the people you are directing this video to? Is it those who tend to bend their hands too much on the take away? If so I understand as cocking the hands is better then bending the hands on the take away. But; your are not actually telling people to cock the wrist of both hands? Are you? If then how does the trail hand eventually overcome the lead hand on the downswing. I know I have struggled with this for years and found a simple and logical solution on my own which I have never heard any instructors mention. First off do you agree with the premise that on the downswing the trail hand must overtake the lead hand? I would love to know what your thoughts are on the downswing to see if they coincide with mine. I am specifically talking about the roll of the hands on the downswing nothing else at this time. Thank you very much. Please understand my intention is not to challenge what you say; but to validate for myself what I believe to be true

Haichen Yang says:

Really helpful and thank you

James Horwill says:

This is fantastic content. Thank you very much from Australia.

Pro Pilot says:

Great! Just what I needed thanks!

John C says:

I think I might have just had a Eureka moment. Hope so. Thanks in anticipation.

manny man says:

Brilliant explanation,every golfer starting to take up the game should watch this..

David Dobrydnio says:

At what point does one actually raise or elevate the club as the body continues to turn? I can only guess that the hips should turn 45 degrees at which point your hands are waist high? From there you rotate your shoulders until your front shoulder is to the inside of the ball and you elevate the club vertically during this process? I am looking for additional check points relative to this specific drill if you have time to elaborate. If I should rely on the feel of the club as I finish my hip and shoulder turn I will do that instead. Cheers.

David Dobrydnio says:

Thirty years ago in the US it was often common to see professional golfers on tv perform what was referred to as the wiggle-waggle. Essentially when addressing the golf ball they would simulate taking the wrists away from the ball and back to square. I have used this drill at address when my right hand isn’t quick enough through impact if that makes sense. If the intent was more tempo related, you have shown that the merits and benefit of the correct up and down wrist motion. Two golf pros have said to me my plane needs to be more vertical and this drill will set me on the correct path so as to prevent rolling of the wrists on the backswing as well. Thank you.

Tony Hunter says:

Great Vid πŸ‘πŸ»

dave happ says:

You are a God Send. Been struggling for last month. I get all handsy, wristy, and armsy with my swing. I can hit my driver quite easily 230 to 260 yards. But I cannot for the life of me compress my irons. 3 and 4 hybrid, and 5 thru 8 iron have been just atrocious. They go about 120 to 150 yards, but shoot off 30 to 40 yards right of target, with not much elevation at all. It's not a slice or a shank, but just an ugly annoying shot. It feels super weak, and like I'm just slapping the ball. Is it maybe called thin??? Today at the range after watching your wrist videos, I was able to hit my PW, 52, and 56 the best I have all year. Simple 80 to 125 yard shots. But the 4 thru 8 iron, I still have that ball shoot right on too many shots. Got any good ideas to fix it?? I will admit part of my problem is I have a beer belly, so maybe I'm not getting thru the shots well enough. I know my coil is not as good as it was 5 to 10 years ago.

VeganProgression says:

This video has changed my golf dramatically in the space of 2 weeks.
Week 1: i spent it down the range practicing the movements, and often splitting the movements into stages until i started to combine them all in a fluid motion. Basically programming it into muscle memory.
Week 2: I'm out on the course and I'm knocking 1 stroke off every par 4 and par 5 hole.

I used to score 7 shots on a par 4 and then 8 shots on most par 5's.
I'm actually on the greens in 3 shots now, whereas it used to take me 4-5 shots just to get there.

I'm only 9 months at it, but this vid made a huge difference. Thank you so much Natalie.
And i actually bought a lovely 3 hybrid today because my driver/woods are slicing but my irons are perfect πŸ™‚
Hybrids are amazing clubs. (i got a callaway xr 3h and i love it. great distance and accuracy).

273bob says:

Excellent – Vincent

JnV C says:

What a fantastic explanation.
I've been rolling my wrists for years and now have extremely painful wrists.
I can't believe how simply you've explained this.
Thank you so much.

BrownBaby Deepman says:

Thanks Natalie!! I've been struggling with the dreaded inside takeaway and I think this will help a great deal.

Keith Mulligan says:

I really enjoy the tips from this site. Short, concise tips well demonstrated.

charly yoo says:

Coach Natalie thank you for your content. This seems logical but I have a few questions: 1.) everyone differs when the wrist finally hinges…where in the backswing do you recommend? 2.) when do the arms feel like the lifting happens. 3.). Sequencing on the downswing versus the backswing. This falls In line with the one piece takeaway. I've been told that upper body leads backswing and lower body leads downswing. So backswing has more the one piece triangle. structure but I'd imagine it's very different on the downswing.

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