Net Force Discussion – Simplified Golf Physics

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In this video, Tyler helps clarify the net force discussion and how to practically look at going normal in the golf swing. This video can be applied to all forces on the club, but specifically we are looking at “in plane movement” sometimes referred to as “alpha torque”


Garth Downton says:

Who am I to doubt you! But! Like driving a car 99.9% have no idea how that car runs, they blindly trust that it is going to perform! This is my golf swing! The repeatability of result is my only feedback that supports the physics of my move. Thanks Moe Norman!!

oliver izzard says:

There's no confusion. It's about speed and quality of impact. That's it…

mikal says:

……It was found that, for a mass rotating around a pivot, if the pivot is moved in the direction opposite to the direction of centrifugal force of the mass, the kinetic energy of the mass could be increased. The increase is a result of the mutual action of the two governing factors of the system, which are the centripetal force and the pull velocity.

K Miura's paper on parametric acceleration is definitive. Please ignore subsequent comic book renditions of parametric acceleration by other. It is more BS baffles brain.

mikal says:

Irrelevant, BS
in no 3 you can push the cable as much as you want. The weight will still fall at rate of gravity.

The golf club is a lever. For clubhead to move down to the ball, the butt end has be moved up
and for clubhead to move out to the ball the butt end of the lever has to be pulled in. Its that simple.
Why all the BS? to baffle brains?

John Miles says:

So what does this mean?  Are we supposed to pull the handle up and in?  I don't know what this means?

Rick O'Shea says:

My brain is bleeding……

donald lyle says:

that's bull

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