Golf Flip vs Release in the Golf Swing | Learn the Difference

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Do you know the difference between a golf flip and proper golf release? This video by top 100 golf instructor Chuck Quinton walks you through the key differences between a flip and a release and the difference is huge!

To learn a proper golf swing release, check out this golf instruction video

This video on the proper release will walk you through step-by-step how to master the proper golf swing release. If you follow this video you’ll learn how to get rid of the dreaded flip. —
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vimal Mittal says:

Do not agree. Your chest has to rotate not wrist to flip. That will cause hooks.

RayLo RayLo says:

This was a really good explanation BUT it would have been nice to see him actually swing and demonstrate to we could see the correct golf swing!

bluzz991 says:

I like to think of it as letting centrifugal force do the work…it has more power (counterintuitive), is definitely more repeatable, and it feels nice and smooth, avoiding the hacking sensation we have all felt trying to power the ball.

John S says:

100 % Correct, great demonstration

Humberto Ballesteros says:

I understand the theory and when I make a practice swimg it works but when I hit a ball with a real swing I lock my hands.. how can I fix it?

John Brock says:

I love to practice putting

Robert Barnett says:

Wrong, you discription of a flip was extension and flexion. A flip is allna and radial deviation.

Greg Lee says:

great insight thank you. however I have a question. the flip happens naturally for me like you instructed it should when using the heavier head clubs such as the irons and hybrids. but i am having trouble getting the head to naturally release when swinging with the lighter head clubs like the driver and woods. I'm finding myself having to somewhat force the release purposefully turning over my hands to square the clubface. this sometimes causes snap hooks and inconsistencies. any tips on this?

Victor says:

This is great instruction.

Wally17 says:

Can too light of a golf club prevent you from having a proper release even if you're not tense in your hands and arms?

박진수 says:

So how can we fix it? Any training or exercises for it?

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