More Torso Rotation with Tony and Bill at WinStar Be Better Golf School

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This video is about Tony and Bill at WinStar 1


J@D W says:

Ben Hogan told Harvey Penick that he never saw the ball in the downswing.

Joel Waldman says:

I have no idea how you can start your swing with so many hundreds of swing thoughts and philosophies and methods in your head fighting to be heard. More power to you. If you could choose one lesson that helped more than any other…one clear best way for you, what one would it be? For me that would be easy…the Tour tempo tones with John Jr. Very interested in your. and thanks for all the hard work. Joel Waldman

pokerlife123 says:

Shawn Clement has been preaching target focus for 10 year on youtube . I think all this technology is proving him more and more right

Dave Everitt says:

It's easy to get ball bound if you focus on an intermediate target that is close to the ball. Try using an intermediate target 10- 30 yards left of the ball on the target line.

Chris feyerherd says:

Do you even have a normal swing thought anymore? Every episode your changing things

Mark Lawrence says:

I am a right sided swinger. Gone from 14 to 9 in the last year at the age of 62. So i am pretty happy.
The issue identified resonated with me as the first downswing movement seemed so important that I was forgetting to rotate.45 years of slicing is over but my bad shot turned into a hook/pull. I could not wait to get out and try Bill's fix. Bloody amazing. That loud twack on the segment on impact was evident in my shots immediately. Interestingly there was no increase in distance but huge ball flight height gain.👍
Gents thanks so much. Most amazing improvement from 1 tip I have experienced 🏌️‍♂️🇦🇺⛳

Paul Malone says:

B if I had your club speed I couldn’t get a game. You have really turn it own in the last year.

Ornby1 says:

It seems you have to really have shorten your right side to get under at impact ..try to get your rib cage to touch your right hip.

Norwall Music says:

Amazingly good stuff fam! I love golf!

jw228w says:

all of this minutiae on the golf swing is very interesting, but in my opinion misses the point.
think of skipping a rock/stone over a pond, that is the movement needed to play golf, from tee box to short pitch.

e james says:

brendons left elbow is already pointing at the target before the club is even 6 inchs into the take-away.

Ian Jones says:

That is me in spades; I don't try to keep my head down consciously, but that's what happens when a ball, even a practice ball in the back yard, is in the equation. Everything focuses down to that ball, so instead of moving through the ball, everything unravels AT the ball. I don't see this when I'm swinging "at air", with no ball…so, it's definitely a mental battle at this point – it's almost like I have to block out the presence of the ball completely.

Dennit Racing says:

Did this improve the 540 micro seconds of his impact interval?

James Lovering says:

Wow some technology you have there 🙂

M L says:

Slicefixer 101

Dave Ford says:

Great subject. Proximal rules distal. If you start with Core and stay with core then everything else will follow in a linking effect. Once you make a plan for the ball you trigger with your left oblique then your right then the club. On return Left Lat while leaving the club pressured up and back. This separation will cause the biggest bang for the ball.

James Jackman says:

Great content. Thanks to all.

Ryan Gill says:

Absolutely brilliant video. A lot of useful swing ideas I’ve never heard articulated before!

videom says:

here is the deal. if you're a double digit handicap player you are most likely looking up at the target way before the club hits the ball. The body then tries to stand up straight, the right hip moves towards the ball and then only bad things happen. I see it all the time. This is why many tips on keeping your head down came to be. You SHOULD try to watch the club strike the ball and then release the club around the body while rotating your head…but ONLY after the strike. This keeps the right hip away from the ball so the club (hands) can shallow to strike the ball from the inside. This is why learning golf is so hard…if a 20 handicapper tried to rotate towards the target they would hit tops, fats, slices or pull hooks and not have a good time on the course. (Strange but if you DON'T look at either the ball or the target you can get the same result because you are not opening up soon or thrusting the right hip towards the ball…see
Robin Mathew-Williams). Striking the ball solid by keeping the right hip away from the ball is step one. You ( and not just you) should make it clear that some ideas are thoughts AFTER certain skills are obtained. So many instructors forget this very simple idea.

Mitch Y says:

funny how Shawn Clement already made a video about this external focus like 10 years ago, way to get with the times!

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