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PGA Golf Professional Rick Shiels provides some valuable advice on how to improve your golf game through the off season or the winter.

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Scarecrow says:

Hack golfer here ,1 yr experience playing, 47 yrs not playing…
1. Hit the driver
2. Distance control
3. Focus..Don't let 1 bad shot turn into 4 bad shots on a hole.
Solution… fix top 3 by watching Rick,Pete,Matt,& Andy more 🙂

Richard w Armstrong says:

Same as Alzo below. Good channel Rick, keep it up 🖒

Niklas Sharp says:

1. Slicing my Driver
2. Have the wrong Attack angle when im using my driver
3. My left hand and fingers Hurts after i have trained in 1 hour

Wisconsin Golf says:

I'm 12 I hate my wedge distance control sucks.
I hate I only hit the ball 200 yards I hate hitting fat shots

kris green says:

Lag putting , driving range structured practice sessions (100 balls , 80 balls . 60 balls) Consistent balls striking .Thanks Rick

Anders Pedersen says:

having difficulties with beeing consistent in my shot lenght – especially the approach from 100yards and in demanding alot from my putter to often – I do not have access to a "sim" or launch monitor, and i dont have a range finder only a gps watch…

Kyle Williams says:

Do a video on games around the house

Max VanNatter says:

Lag putting
Green reading
Distance control within 50 yards

Peter PETER says:

1. downhill lies
2. inconsistent second shots
3. grip
playing of 11h/c

Mrehzthegreat says:

The things I want to fix is I dip my head down a ridiculous amount in the downswing, I can't make good contact but it drives me crazy

Alex Melby says:

Forget that first one, please make a video about what loft you should set your driver at!!! I'm struggling on whether or not I should set me vapor fly pro at 10.5 or 9.5. Please help!!!

Alex Melby says:

Please create a video about controlling a draw

Terance Johnson says:

1. I hate my inconsistency off the tee box with my driver. (Tops, liners…everything off the toe)
2. Not being able to hit any fairway woods
3. Inconsistency with my second shots ( 5,6,7 irons)

Bernd Dreilich says:

Hey Rick, can u do some vids about …. The best putting Drills, best drills for approach Shots from 170y down to 110y to find more G.i.R. and best situational Drills around the Green for shortgame. Thx Great Channel. Love it

himmerman says:

short game improvement at home

Job Mayer says:

I hate missing right and left on my drives
I hate a chunky iron shot
I hate blading my wedges
what are some ways we can improve at home if we don't have access to a winter range?

jonathan Murphy says:

-inconsistency with the driver.
-inconsistent wedge distances
-my confidence level with putter.

Please give some helpful tips to help us in Canada over the winter with minimal access to indoor facilities.

Dominique Herr says:

putting drills

Dilfen says:

Swinging over the top, and not letting the arms come down from the inside of the swing path and hitting out to the right with a draw

maxwin chiew says:

3 things i hate
1. Distance between 40-70 metres
2. Hitting a 4 iron
3. Sloppy area bunker shots

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