The Best Golf Drills to Hit Pure Irons – 5 Stroke Challenge Practice Day 15

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This video is filled with the best golf drills to lower your score, hit pure iron shots and learn how to make better golf swings. This simple practice session is put together to help you play better golf fast.

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Dyson Golf says:

Great info man.

D Y says:

for the 4 iron, do you place the ball in the middle of your stance and apply (low, med, high) ? or do you apply the low, med, high in the regular position you would place the ball for a 4 iron?

Eric Pramick says:

Pretty solid idea for a practice routine. And absolutely love the backyard setup.

One question, why do you have two mats set at different distances from the net?

Richard Oakley says:

Why are on your toes in the title,

David Dear says:

I appreciate your positive attitude. Always get excited to see your drills and videos

Rob Neville says:

Working great – Short game is so key – getting up and down 1/2 dozen times a round means rounds in the 70s. Hitting regular shots purer as my shorter swing improves with these practices.

Andrew Jones says:

I'm in a hell of a slump. Started this as an 8, up 2 strokes to a 10 at the moment.

The positives: I've learned how to start my driver more straight, as opposed to typical 5°R sweeping draw, due to some of these drills. My chipping and putting are improved.

The negatives: I'm not confident with irons at the moment.

Slymax95 says:

If you are only changing ball position by a ball, I think I am changing my ball position too much. Will work on this as soon as the range re-opens. Thanks for all your help.

martin rodger says:

Loving the vids. Any drills for practicing short game on the range as it's wet and dark after work. Feel I missing out in the week and then can't catch up @ weekend.

bydacoola says:

The best! From low to high is good! You can learn a lot.

Michael Harmon says:

Not going well Matt. Winter weather, no indoor range, just stretching. Great videos though.

john price says:

love the drill matt…You have some amazing back drops!..Ocean to the left..beautiful views to the right!!.. I have parkland lol…. keep up the good work matt.

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