3 Drills To Make Golf More Fun For Juniors

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3 Drills To Make Golf More Fun For Juniors In this video golf tip, Australian PGA Golf Professional, Brian Fitzgerald “The Golf Doctor” shows you 3 drills to make golf more fun for juniors.
Juniors are very quick to get bored with golf practice. So I am always trying to come up with fun golf drills for juniors in my golf coaching. By changing the junior golf drills regularly they are less likley to get bored and they benefit by using different muscles.
Hello. I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. And this is Corey.
Today we are going to show you how to make golf more fun for kids and also learn some good skills while we are having fun.
So here we go. We are going to make golf more fun for kids.
So I am going to show you 3 drills that I use regularly with all of my juniors.And you will see there is one a fun element to it.
And you will also see where the benefit is. So Corey are you right to hit some shots?Yep
Good. Ok.So the first one we are going to do Corey is we are going to do get down on your knees.And Corey is going to hit a shot on his knees.Are you right to do this?
Any time you are ready go for it.Absolutely flushed it.Straight down the middle. Really good.Was that fun Corey?
That was very fun.What do you think it does?
Well….it stops you from getting your body into it.
That’s right.It actually improves how you work your hands with your body.If you get down there again.
90% of the kids that I get to do this for the first time actually miss it.Because they get back here ok. And what happens is they let their shoulders bring the club down. Which makes the club hit behind and bounce over the top and they actually miss it.
90% of the kids do it.What you saw with Corey there is Corey has got beautiful synchronised hands, club and body and he was able to hit it really, really well.As soon as you start using your upper body too much that’s when you start bouncing and it doesn’t work.
Now for the second one we are going to do. We are going to do the stepping drill Corey.You remember how to do that?
So what we do with the stepping drill. is just stand closer to the edge of the mat.Bring the club back. Stop at the top. Step forward with your left foot and as you are doing that you are timing the club coming through and hitting the ball.Okay. So have a little practice swing for that Corey.So narrow stance. Take it back. Stop. And then you step and swing at the same time.
We try and synchronise the stepping and the swinging.
Ok you right to go?Yep.Good.Any time you are ready.
Great shot.So this is a good one for improving the feel of where the club head is at all times during the swing.Ah, it also helps you to give good contact and it stops you from over using your body.
That’s fun one too. Isn’t it?Yep.
Alright the last one we are going to do is we are going to do the one legged drill.Now I filmed the one legged drill a few weeks ago.
This is just Corey doing it.So we stand on the left leg.Alright give it a hit.Good shot.Notice how Corey kept his balance all through the shot.he hit it with a little fade.It wasn’t perfect. But it doesn’t matter where the ball goes.It is really just getting him used to a more solid contact at impact.So we do that pretty regularly, don’t we Corey.Yep.And over the years you have got better at it.
Like we are doing yoga.Yeah it’s a bit like yoga. That’s right. Or the old karate Kid movie.Where you stand on one leg and do the kick.
It’s a great drill.So err it’s always good fun doing that stuff.
But there is always a benefit.Yeah.Thanks Corey. Thanks for helping.I hope you enjoyed that.
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My website http://www.thegolfdoctor.com.au
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