5 Core Exercises For Golfers🏌️

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Winter is almost here and over the next few months is the perfect time work on your fitness so you can play better golf next year.

If you’re like many golfers you know that you need to strengthen your core, but are you going about it the right way?

If sit-ups, crunches, and that weird ab machine are regulars in your routine you should rethink your training. And you may actually be damaging your back, especially if you have a history of low back pain, and/or sit for most the day.

You see many people do ab exercises using what’s call “dead anatomy”. Meaning, pull on  a cadaveor’s muscles and see what moves. Pull on the abdominals and he sits up. While this may work for some muscle groups it doesn’t work for all and can be greatly flawed. 

So yes the abs can contract and perform a sit-up, but that’s not what they are designed to do. 

Our abs are designed to support the spine and control rotational movements between the hips and shoulders. They are the connection between the hip and shoulders and unfortunately many people do not rotate properly.

When we do endless crunches, sit-ups, and the ab machine we are not teaching our abs to function the way they are designed, so they don’t get any stronger to do their job. But, that’s not the worst part, this crunching movement will aggravate the lower back and overtime result in more and more low back pain.

So, when we look at training the core, especially in golfers, we need to train rotation and this rotation needs to happen at the hips and t-spine (aka upper back).

Here are five of our favorite exercises to train the core with golfers:
ViPR Rotations
Side Plank
Med Ball Side Rotational Throws
Pallof Press