6 Exercises for Every Golfer

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Golfers need strength and mobility just as much as the next athlete. Try this workout or incorporate some of these moves to perform better on and off the course. These are the same moves I use with my golf clients to keep them injury-free.

Golfer Strength
A1. Rotational Press – 4×5-8 ea. arm
A2. Single Leg Deadlift – 4×8-10 ea. leg
60 seconds rest between sets
B1: 1/2 Get up – 4×3-5 ea. side
B2: Good Morning – 4×10-15
60 seconds rest between sets
C1: Goblet Squat – 3×10-20
C2: Windmill – 3×5-10 ea. arm
60 seconds rest between sets