6 Pre Golf Stretches

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Golf Stretches from GettingGolfReady and GolfGurls.com http://www.gettinggolfready.com

Improve your golf game and play injury free with these 6 simple Pre-Golf Stretches. Add these to your golf routine and you’ll hit those golf balls further with greater accuracy. Beginners and Pros alike have got to stretch before a round of golf, to give muscles a chance to become less tense and flexible. If you skip this essential warm-up, it’ll take you six holes to start playing well, and you’re likely to do some serious damage to your spine, lower back or torso. Don’t take any chances.!!!

You can download your own printed copy of these great exercises by going to http://golfgurls.com/newggrprogram/essential-pre-golf-stretches/ It’s easy, and FREE!