A Possible Solution To Golfer's Elbow: The Climber's Stretch

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Golfer’s elbow is a pain…. literally! In our recent video with Physio James (from the Sheffield Climbing Clinic) we had Tom talking about a special stretch that he’s done over the last 10+ yrs which seems to produce almost miraculous improvements in golfer’s elbow for some parts of the population.

He wrote a blog about this some years back – link below – where you can see that there’s loads of climbers who’ve had great results from this stretch. Interestingly, James isn’t entirely sure that this should make sense, but when you’ve had hundreds of climbers all over the world contact you to say that this changed their affliction massively in just a couple of weeks, there might just be something to it! This stretch also featured in Dave Macleod’s book “Nine Out of Ten Climbers” in relation to golfer’s elbow…

It is worth noting that Tom has found that it seems to be effective in just a certain part of the climbing population – there are also many out there that see absolutely no effect/benefit. So, if you give this a go and you’re seeing no changes after a couple of weeks, then it’s a good idea to move on and try other potential solutions….. or go and give that previous video we made, a watch!

If in doubt, always go and see a good physio – you can also get in touch with our recommended partners via Lattice 365.


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