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Pertaining to how fast the head of your golf club travels immediately prior to the impact position, club speed plays a huge role in a player’s ability to drive the ball deep and accurate.

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Because club speed has such an influence over how far golfers are able to hit the ball, everyone should take notice of the strategies put fourth to improve this element of their game. It has been theorized that mile per hour increase of speed on a player’s swing will ultimately add up to 3 yards to the resulting shot.

The average clubhead speed achieved by most men ranges just below 94 MPH, which typically will deliver nearly 215 yards of driving range. Most golfers that have lower handicaps are naturally achieving the highest club speeds.

Because of the alluring results that are achieved through faster club speeds, many golfers are interested in learning methods to improve their own swing composition. Many players do targeted golf workouts that strengthen their torsos.

This allows golfers to transfer power to the ball in a more efficient way during the downswing. Some exercises include working with elastic bands and conducting traditional exercises that target the torso area of your body.

By increasing the power found in your chest and hips, you will be able to achieve more flexibility throughout the entirety of your golf swing. This will directly increase the overall speed of your clubhead. Some golfers also swing a weighted golf club as a means to increase the power in the muscles they use while golfing.

Weighted golf clubs are also known to improve a player’s ability to sense the release of their clubhead during impact.

Developing the ability to feel the clubhead release will ultimately assist in determining the moment of peak speed.


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