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Getting more distance out of your driveway be easier than you think with this simple tip.

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Proper Ball Position and Angle of Attack for Driver

To hit a good drive with maximum distance you need two things: a high launch angle and low spin on the ball. Getting the ball in the proper position in your stance is the key to making it happen. (P.S. We measure all of these numbers with our Flightscope)

The ideal position for the ball is off your left heel (if you’re right-handed). This allows you to make a nice swing and create a positive angle of attack for your drive. By that, I mean you’ll be hitting slightly up on the ball and produce the optimal combination of a high launch angle and low spin.

The tendency with most amateurs is to have the ball more in the middle of their stance. This means you’ll be hitting down on the ball and imparting a lot of spin and a lower launch angle. This will rob you of distance and accuracy every single time guaranteed. A simple aid you can use is to put two golf balls at the tips of your shoes.

Now step back and look at the three balls. If it looks like a perfect triangle, you have the ball too far back in your stance. It should look almost like an “L” and be close to a right angle.

Do that and you’ve got the proper setup up to grip it and rip it.

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