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Simple golf tips are often the best and this one to be your own golf coach and caddie on the course if what will give you the very best results in consistency and scores.
When you learn that being your own coach and caddie in golf is a really good weapon to have, your consistency, confidence and improvement will be clear for all to see.

This is another video where Alex Fortey explain how to be your won golf coach and improve consistency.

Being your own coach is so valuable. Especially when you’re out on the golf course.

You can talk to yourself a lot more on the golf course. Lee Trevino did it a lot of other players still do it where they’re just audibly walking themselves through each and every shot.

So let’s take this, for example, You know we’ve got 155 about 158 yards to the back of the pin and I’m not going to hit it just because there are some greenkeepers up there and I don’t actually want to hit them on the head but what I’m talking about here is you know imagine that you’re talking to yourself about what club to use so you’re measuring this.

So the winds coming across just a little bit. We’ve got the wind bringing across so that might take half a club off for me. I’ve got a bit of trouble in front of the greens so what I really need to make sure is that I choose the right club and the simple swing through that might not necessarily give me my best shot.

Let’s make sure I get it up there towards the back of the green that’s the main objective for this particular golf shot. Obviously, it’d be great to put it in the hole but let’s be realistic.

So what do I need to do? My iron is the right club for me that feels good. Do you agree? yeah, I agree so. So just puts a nice smooth swing on this so get that golf swing for you that’s all we’re trying to accomplish. So I’m walking myself through this particular golf shot.

What swing thought do I want? I just want to keep it smooth that’s all. I’m trying to do a smooth tempo to compress the ball. So that’s what I’m trying to do. I’ve executed the plan so what I’m gonna focus on now is I pick my intermediate point and I commit to the shot. I feel good, I commit to it, I really truly and utterly committed to it.

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