Become a Cardiogolf Certified Trainer

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On-Line Cardiogolf Certification Program for Golf and Fitness Professionals

Developed by Karen Palacios-Jansen
LPGA Master Teaching Professional
Nike Golf Performance Coach and Certified Personal Trainer
Golf Digest Magazine “Top 50 Best Golf-Fitness Professional”

About Certification:

The certification program is designed for golf and fitness professionals (fitness professionals must be proficient in golf) to teach their clients the Cardiogolf program. Cardiogolf is designed to help golfers of all abilities improve swing mechanics and functional movement patterns as well as develop strength, flexibility and endurance specific for golf. The program can be done for individuals or in a group setting.

As part of the certification process you will receive weekly emails that will guide you through the 6-week Cardiogolf On-Line Certification Program. You will learn the exercises and drills, as well as get workout routines that you can learn and teach immediately to your clients.

Cost: $395.00

Price includes:

Six-week online training program and support
1 Shortee Practice Training Club (discounts available to purchase other Shortee Practice Training Clubs for your clients)
Cardiogolf Certification Manual (Downloadable PDF)
18 Cardiogolf Workout Routines (You’ll have access to videos. Watch the videos and simply follow along as Karen takes you through a battery of exercises and drills for you to learn to teach your clients.)
Over 100 Golf-Specifics Exercises including pre-round warm up routines, strength, flexibility exercises and swing drills.
Basic Golf-Fitness Screen
Golf-Fitness Tips and Advice to pass onto your clients.
Support from Karen to learn how to design a Cardiogolf group fitness class.
You will receive LPGA 4 CU’s (TBA)
During the 6-week program you learn how to design routines to help your clients develop all the key aspects of their golf games. I will include exercises that can be done in a private or group setting. The program starts with the basic golf-specific fitness screen to determine baseline fitness levels. Then you’ll learn the Cardiogolf Pre-Round Warm Up Routines, Golf-Conditioning Exercises, Swing Drills and Post-Round Flexibility Exercises.

Each week of the program focuses on a different aspect of fitness. I will give you an overview of the exercises and routine and then ask you to commit to learning the exercise routine and drills during the week. You can use the routines immediately to teach your own clients.

For more information and to sign up email