Bernhard Langer's Golf Swing Secrets Revealed by Hank Haney | Golf Digest

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Forty-three years (and counting) of professional golf hasn’t kept Bernhard Langer from delivering a serious swing. Hank Haney demonstrates what older players can learn from Bernhard.

Bernhard Langer is one of the greatest champions
our sport has ever seen.
He’s been competitive for over years.
And at years old, he’s still obviously incredibly fit.
But there’s some good things in his golf swing
that I think you can learn for someone
who doesn’t maybe turn as well as they’d like to.
First off, when he sets up to the golf ball,
his address position is great.
His hands and arms are right in front of his body.
That triangle is exactly where you’d like it.
If you look at the line that goes down through his left eye
down through the center of his body,
that’s where you want your head position.
So the line going right up through the center of your body,
right through your left eye.
That’s when you’ll know your head is in the right position.
Watch as he turns back.
When he turns back, a couple things to notice.
One, look at his left knee.
His left knee is gonna move back inside the golf ball.
He lets that move.
But the next thing I want you to look at
is look at where his eyes are pointed.
His eyes are pointed way behind the golf ball.
He has let his head move and rotate back.
So now he’s looking way back behind the golf ball.
This makes it a lot easier for you to turn.
So if you’re restricted in your turn
and you feel like you could use more shoulder turn,
one, let your hips go, let your left knee go,
and don’t be afraid to let your head rotate.
He hasn’t moved off the ball,
but he’s rotated his head as he’s gone back,
and that’s made it easier for him to get a full pivot
with his shoulders in the backswing.
Now, watch as he comes through all the way through,
and all the way up on his back foot.
When you finish through, all the way up on your toe.
Full turn back, full turn through,
allowing his head to rotate a little bit
makes it easier for him to turn,
and that’s something that could help a lot of golfers.

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Bernhard Langer’s Golf Swing Secrets Revealed by Hank Haney | Golf Digest