Best Exercise Band Exercises for Golf & How To Do Them

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Our golf conditioning program at No Regrets Personal Training (see uses a wide variety of equipment to help the golf player improve their body mechanics resulting in improved distance & accuracy on drives and consistency within their total game.
A big part of the success with this program is completing the home exercises and this is where rubber tubing, therabands or exercise bands play a massive part in the overall training plan. Not only are they great for rehabilitation and injury prevention but when you know how to use them they can be very useful tools for correcting swing faults and enhancing performance with rotational power.
This video shows just a snippet of the exercises we use, make sure you get a copy of our Free Do It Yourself Golf Conditioning Program where I show you a stack of exercises.
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Also make sure you check out our Golf Performance video playlist
We filmed many videos with professional player Ken Druce when he came to Melbourne for our Special Workshop earlier this year.

We are about to start our Golf Small group training program, one of the only Golf Specific Training Programs in Melbourne. In fact there is only a handful of CHEK Golf Specialists in Melbourne and No Regrets Personal Training has 2!
So after a long winter mainly training professional players one on one our group program is about to kick off.
Actually Dan Harrington is about to leave for Europe to play several Pro Ams and various PGA tournaments.
If you are not sure you need to train with strength, stability and power exercises watch his testimonial as he proves you do
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Please watch: “6 Great Thoracic Drills and Stability Exercises” as this by far one of the most important videos we have made in recent times and an area most people are unfamiliar with