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This is, by far, one of the most essential drills for your golf swing development. To throw the club well is a liberating experience! Here we catch Munashe up with how important the exercise is not only in the movement pattern but also in the realization that the side vision is viciously trying to get you to make sure you don’t throw the golf club in the wrong direction. Which, in essence, is the wrong direction to start with! This drill is also a cure for your weight shift problems and clearing your body issues during the swing which makes this an awesome all-around golf swing drill beauty! Stay with us as we take you through, step by step, how this excellent drill of discovery will set you straight; pardon the pun!

00:00 Shawn starts the lesson
01:20 First Drill – Single-arm Overhead Throw
02:29 Second Drill – Single arm Side Throw
04:40 Third Drill – Throwing the golf club
05:40 Understanding The Role of your Side Vision in Golf
07:30 Applying the throw in the golf shot
11:31 Putting the Golf ball in the way of your throw
15:20 Shawn ends the lesson

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