Best Golf swing for Senior players.

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Learn the best golf swing for senior players or anyone wanting fast improvement. Simply setting up for impact makes the game 100 times easier to play. I get incredible results by first getting you setup in a position that makes it easier to hit great golf shots. Then I show you how to do some simple drills that will help you make pro-like impact. You can become a scratch golfer if you follow my simple program.

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As the only Single Plane golf instructor who customizes the concept for every golfer I have over 30 years experience in helping people improve their golf swings as quickly as possible. Nobody wants to work on the swing for a year without improving, but that is what I often see people doing. Setup closer to where you will be at impact and improve at golf quickly following my easy to follow “Setup 4 Impact” learning program. This is by far the best golf swing for senior golfers ever developed.

Kirk has taught golf for 33 years now. That includes many years of conventional golf and now almost 25 years teaching the Single Plane Golf swing. He taught for many years for Natural Golf Corporation, Single Axis golf, and the Moe Norman Single plane golf swing for Todd Graves and the Graves Golf Academy. He currently teaches his Single Plane Setup 4 Impact swing which has many similarities to all of the above. The big difference is that Kirk fits the swing to each individual golfer.

This is by far the best golf swing for senior players and it is almost a necessity for people to swing this way. It is far easier on the body and enables most anyone to play better golf quickly.

If you want to improve at golf quickly please watch this video. I am positive it will help you!

Kirk Junge currently teaches Single Plane golf fulltime in West Palm Beach, Florida in the Winter months, Cincinnati, Ohio a couple of weeks per year. Other locations include Stockton, California, and Sanford NC., and Reading, PA.