Best Golf Swing Setup For Striking Irons

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Many golfers are jeopardizing the success of their iron shots immediately at address.

While looking for a hidden secret in regards to forming a golf swing to strike their irons pure with consistency, they’re overlooking the basic elements of their swing that are guaranteed to generate this success.

George Gankas golf lessons have provided players with a wealth of innovative techniques, known collectively as the GG Swing Method.

Understanding that all golfers develop their skills differently, based on the same core fundamentals, George Gankas golf philosophy focuses less on quick fix swing tips and more so on developing a player’s complete comprehension of the sport through the GG Swing Method.

Gankas believe much of the success golfers are looking to add to their irons game exists in how effectively they’re positioning their shoulders at the address of their golf swing.

In the attached video lesson, George takes a player through step by step to illustrate how slight adjustments in shoulder rotation during our golf swing contribute greatly to the overall success of our iron shots on the course.

Optimizing Your Setup When Striking Irons
Golfers must realize that the club that we utilize during any given swing requires adaptive movements in our normal setup in order to accommodate the differences in size, shape and weight.

While using an iron club, we must make the relevant adjustments to our left shoulder rotation during our backswing, as simply moving our shoulder backward will not allow an iron club to be utilized to the fullest extent.

We must also ensure that during our backswing that our shoulder also moves outward and downward while still moving behind us.

During the ideal downswing, we must ensure that our left shoulder drops down more so than usual, circling below and around the normal positioning that our shoulder takes during the address of our golf swing.

Players that are unaware of these helpful adjustments will ultimately miss out on a great deal of power and flexibility – leaving many with a lackluster outing in regards to their iron play.

Much of the power and energy that golfers may find lacking in their iron shots can be utilized simply by taking their left shoulder further down out of the usual stance and backward, creating an organic source of energy powered completely by a golfer’s own body rotation.

This also provides players with additional room to create speed in their golf swing, with a few additional seconds being added to the overall timing of their swings.

As the motion in our bodies deliver power between our backswing into our downswing, players will notice that zero force has diminished simply by optimizing the way they rotate their left shoulder.

Allowing our left shoulder to rotate forward and outward, the upper portion of our body remains tight and sound, allowing for a huge transfer of power into the golf ball at the point of impact.

Once we reach the impact position, our body will have already stored a great deal of valuable power, which will be directly applied when striking.

Using our left foot as a reference point at impact, our left leg will tighten up as we elevate our left shoulder, allowing our spine to pivot away from the intended target.

You may feel compelled to break form during the impact position, but through proper chest rotation most will be able to hold their form an posture without sacrificing much in regards to speed and power in their swing.

Such drills are great to practice while at the driving range, where players must focus on keeping their left shoulder high and to the rear of the body, allowing the most energy to be generate as a result.


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