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What are the Performance Benefits Using our Online Golf Instruction System Instead of Others?

To understand the performance benefits we need to compare the swing methods and their key principles. If we compare the common golf swing method, based on imbalance, with my CORE-BALANCE FREE-RELEASE-Method , it is important that we first separate the key principles. We call the method based on imbalance the old golf swing method. We call it old, because of so many outdated parts like the Body Weight Transfer, Hypermobile Center of Pressure, Hypermobile Center of Mass, Hypermobile Center of Head, Hypermobile Vertical Force. All of these parts of the Imbalance Method result in long line of pressure, instability, because of the weight transfer blocks 700 Watt of power in your leg muscles. There is no written swing structure, no 3D coordinates, which is totally different to our Core-Balance Method.

Of course, there are numerous variations of the common imbalance swing style. For example, some golf professionals bend their knees during the down swing. Others transfer a lot of energy when moving their axis pendulum. Even others bend their left wrist backwards, however all of these different swing styles can be described with lateral lines of pressure, which is imbalance.

My CORE-BALANCE FREE-RELEASE swing method has CORE as its key principle, also known as real balance. I changed the timing and vectors which means you will have an exact description of where to move in and the timing of the moves.

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