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Believe it or not, many players new to the sport fail to realize that different clubs require different golf swings.

Most players understand that their swing begins at address with their stance and posture, but there are countless amateurs stepping to the ball and simply trying to obliterate it down the fairway.

Understandably, with the thousands of hours in information and instruction available to players on the internet, simplifying the process of swinging irons would be in the best interest of everyone and that’s what we’re going to do in this article.

Breaking down the ideal golf swing for irons will enable players to develop a natural but calculated swing that will emphasize their existing talents while remedying any flawed motion.

George Gankas golf students come from around the world, connecting his lessons via a popular YouTube Channel and the GG Swing Method website.

Quickly becoming a go to online academy for developing golfers and veterans looking to inject their game with new life, George Gankas golf lessons continue to assist players from nearly every country where the golf exists.

During address, golfers should tighten up their core while keeping their arms limber and loose.

When selecting the ideal placement for the golf ball, most pros opt to situate the ball slightly in front of the base of their swing curve.

Establishing a sound stance at address for irons will provide crucial support throughout the entirety of the golf swing, especially during the very important impact position.

During setup, several positions taken in the body will be nearly identical during the point of impact.

This includes the positioning of a player’s trail side arm, shoulder bend and head tilt.

The other angles of the body will rotate drastically throughout the swing, so attempting to maintain your form all the way until impact will ultimately diminish rotation and cause a player’s hands to drop.

During the setup when swinging irons, golfers must ensure that they remain on the correct plane and are bending their wrists with precise timing.

Utilizing an alignment rod or even an extra club to check this positioning during setup has assisted many pros while developing their irons.

When working through the initial portion of the takeaway, the player’s hands should follow the path of the alignment device that they’ve placed on the turf.

This will ensure that the club will not become aligned to the ground until your hands have reached hip level in your swing.

Allowing your wrists to flex prematurely in the swing will cause the club to align with the ground too quickly, which causes your takeaway to abruptly shift in direction.

There are several quick fix techniques that even many tour pros still utilize when training with irons.

One of the easiest ways to improve the downswing of your irons involves placing a towel beneath the armpit on your trail side while swinging.

When the player can effectively keep the material tucked away in their armpit during the swing, they know that their bodies are rotating more efficiently and naturally.

Had the material fallen out of place while swinging your irons, you’ll know that your arms are coming apart at some point during your swing, which has halted the rotation in your body.

Also, drawing your golf club back and low, then freezing your hands waist high will give players a clear insight into how well their wrists are bending during their backswing to downswing transition.

This also provides an opportunity to examine the positioning of the clubface in relation to the target, which will assist players in striking irons pure consistently.


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