Better Understand Tight Lies in Golf for Seniors

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What is a tight lie? Here’s some great tips to better understand tight lies in golf, especially for seniors.

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Okay, so we’re going to talk about how do you play your best golf shots from a tight lie, with an iron or a hybrid or a fairway wood. Well, the good news is, is that basically it’s the same approach of any club. So I’ve got an iron here and I’ve got a hybrid there. You could do the same technique with the fairway. Well so what I’m going to show you now, just put it into practice for all three different golf clubs. Remember this is a bare lie. You got a bare lie. What we need to do is about to make sure that we get contact with the ball first and not the ground because if we do catch the ground first, the ball, the club is going to hit there and bounce back up again. The chances are we’re going to top that ball.

So the first thing I actually want us to do is to concentrate with whatever club you’re going to play is to put that club down and I want you to basically just grip it a little bit lower than what you would do. So I am pulling that club back up slightly towards you and the reason for that is because we want ball ground, not ground ball. So by pulling that up, that’s going to enable me to hit that ball cleaner. Remember it’s a bare lie this is not a lush lie. So once you got yourself into this position with the grip, we now want the ball position to go further back. The further back, you slide that ball, the more you’re going to catch that ball first. So you can see everything we’re doing here taking all that precaution, all that care to catch that ball first so the ball, go back in the stance.

Now, from here I want you to put that weight 60:40 on your left hand side. Its just slightly lean forward and from this position here, we’re going to concentrate there a swing in that club back. So from here, we’re going to use our arms, turn the arms back and again very, very good contact, good driven ball there, no sound of any mat was there when it was hit down because it’s all about hitting the ball first. So regardless of whether it’s a fairway wood or a hybrid or an iron, remember the principles. Slightly down on the grip, hands forward, ball position back in your stance with the weight 60-40, swing it back with your arms.

Why the arms? Because if you pick it over the club, you’re going to come in too steep so there you go. You got the tips. You got the knowledge. Go and practice it. It’s not as hard as you think the bare lies, especially now you have those tips.