BIG Chest Rotation | Novice Golf Swing Driver Drills

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Novice and casual female golfers can sometimes encounter issues with becoming comfortable while addressing the golf ball. Often times women players have remarked about feeling crowded or jammed in their chest region, though many golfers can be shy about addressing such a sensitive subject with a golf instructor that they may have yet to establish any rapport with.

But once an honest conversation begins about the issues plaguing their golf swing, many women golfers will eventually open up about what factors are prohibiting their set up and swing.

An average female golfer encounters diminished driving distances often because of tension and discomfort in their chest. Some women players have found this region of their bodies to negatively impact the motion of their swing. This tension has been shown to radiate throughout a player’s body, going on to disrupt momentum which will directly reduce clubhead speed. Diminished speed in the clubhead can be directly tied to reduced overall distance in any golf shot.

Poor chest rotation typically becomes marked by a female player that constantly starts their backswing on a path that veers outside of the target line. This happens because many women are swinging around their chest region. Women who are plagued by this issue are almost always taking the golf club way beyond the proper swing path.

Experienced golf coaches will advise women golfers to get their upper arms on top of the outer regions of their chest area, which will create more comfort during address. Setting a woman up in this positioning will also let her arms more fluid during the backswing, down to impact and during follow through.

As Women’s golf becomes a higher profile sport worldwide, women will need to understands the basics of proper chest rotation in their golf swings and how to avoid the mobility issues that many have faced. Paul Gorman continues to dedicate his teaching to improving the overall golf game of his students and viewers, with a emphasis on correcting any flawed motion while amplifying the existing talents that every player undoubtedly has.

00:00 Beginners Women’s Golf Lesson
00:46 Setting Proper Foot Placement
01:04 Assessing Shoulder Tilt at Address
01:15 Positioning Your Head at Address
01:38 How to Bend Your Elbows Before Swinging
02:35 Loading Your Wrists During Backswing
04:03 Positioning Your Chest at Address

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