Building a Tour Pro – Winning Golf Swing Drills

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Believe it or not, tour pros are not born with all of the techniques and skills that it takes to win championships, most use their natural talent in union with coaching and trainer from proven instructors.

Renowned around the world for his contributions to the development of the GG Swing Method, George Gankas has assisted golfers of all levels with his lessons, geared towards highlighting their natural ability while minimizing any shortcomings.

George Gankas golf lessons are assisting players who have never even been in the same country as Gankas, through this popular YouTube Channel and GG Swing Tips membership site.

While many of the players that utilize GG’s lessons have been golfing for decades, a growing number of junior golfers have taken notice of his drills, with many applying the teachings with amazing success and winning performances on pro golf tours.

The advantage that many junior golfers have in relation to the implementation of the GG Swing Method simply exists in the fact that they have not been golfing for a long period of time.

As with anything in life, the longer an individual uses a specific method the harder it will be to break any bad habits inhibiting their overall success on the golf course.

Gankas and everyone else who has ever picked up a golf club had to develop their abilities over time, usually under the watchful eye of a peer or golf instructor who knew more about the overall mechanics behind the sport.

One of the first things any trainer will teach a student concerns their ability to aim precisely at their intended target.

It may sound elementary, but many novice golfers need assistance with aim, as good hand eye coordination will not always equal a correct flight path.

Players must ensure the alignment of their lower body and upper body (hips, knees, feet – shoulders and chest) are balanced.

Typically a player will aim more towards their dominant side (left or right) so our swing will need proper body alignment in order to ensure the flight path matches the direction in which the player aims for their shot.

The best thing that any golfer can do for their aim would be to provide a proper golf swing stance at address.

A proper swing stance usually widens out up to 3 inches beyond the span of the player’s shoulders, especially when using golf clubs with an extended length.

Your stance should be shortened when using shorter clubs like irons, as the typical chips or pitches taken with these clubs will not benefit from widen our swing stance.

Many novice golfers bend their knees too much when working on their stance, our knees should be loose enough to contract at any time when adapting to our swing, rather than being overly stiff.

One of the most difficult areas for developing golfers surfaces while working on their transition from backswing to downswing.

The transition from backswing to downswing comprises probably the most crucial exchange of energy in our entire golf swing, thus many golfers find extra difficulty in getting this transition right and consistent.

Many novice players fail to realize that the downswing begins with shifting our hips to our trail side, while moving our lead elbow towards the turf and to the rear of our hip.

Such motion assists in shifting our body weight forward onto our trail foot, with much of the body weight being displaced from our lead foot.

Lastly, our hips will begin to rotate, allowing our upper body to move beyond the ball, with our hands moving through the swing.

This will create the sensation that our arms are drawing the golf club beyond impact and make for an amazing swing.


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