Butch Harmon on the Correct Takeaway | Golf Lessons | Golf Digest

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Golf instructor Butch Harmon says the direction of your takeaway really dictates everything you do in the swing. You want the club head to start back first, followed by the hands and arms and the left shoulder.

A good takeaway
is a takeaway that starts
everything together.
Club head moves,
followed by hands and arms, left shoulder.
You don’t wanna start the handle first.
You don’t wanna start the shoulders first.
You want everything to move together.
You’ve got your waggle.
You’re ready to go.
A lot of people like to think of this triangle
formed by your left arm and your right arm
and your shoulders.
That you move that triangle together.
It’s a very good way to check your backswing
to make sure you’re in a proper position.