Can Fitness Help Increase Your Swing Speed?

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Can fitness increase my swing speed?

I have no idea, hence the reason to go all-in and see if it can. The first few exercises/stretches that I’ve employed to increase my swing speed are about arm & lower body strength and stability.

1) Single Leg/Single Arm Deadlifts
2) Kettlebell Swings
3) Downswing with a resistance band (not sure if there’s an actual name for it) ‘Downswing twisteroo?”
4) Lunge with an upper body twist (strength training)
5) Lunge with a stretch (…stretch training…?)
5) A shoulder stretch that feels like sweet sweet goodness to my left shoulder
6) Shadow Boxing (yep)
7) Push-up with a clap (F%$k my life)
8) Extended pushup (you only go down 1/3 and explode up)

These are the fitness exercises and stretches that I’m implementing in the hopes of increasing my swing speed. I’ll tweak as necessary as I move forward but I feel that these exercises add an explosiveness to my routine that may have been lacking and is lacking in my swing speed.

Also, the stability that some of these stretches and exercises demand is amazing for my unbalanced ass. I can feel all these little muscles working like a son-of-a-b!%&h to keep me from falling on my face. Which is always nice. I’m hopeful that this added stability will allow me to unleash a swing speed I’ve never felt before.

NOTE/DISCLAIMER: Do NOT take any fitness advice from me. I’ve decided to shadow box to help increase my swing speed so I clearly have no idea what I’m doing. Consult a professional.

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