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I’ve been working on my swing pretty hard the past few weeks…The end result is pretty darn good. But still improving as the days go by…Open for criticism thanks!
Today we are talking basics!!! I’ve seen many golfers recently advancing their swings (or at least trying to). I often see many golfers endeavour to make swing changes to take their golf game to the [More]
A collection of Tiger’s swing from the US Amateurs. View swings frame by frame and variable slow motion at
I am struggling with my takeaway, as my hands start going through my backswing too fast and detach from my core leaving the clubhead behind my hands. I will be working on this the next [More]
You are currently watching a video about time to fix the biggest problems with the amateur golf swing, this video will show the hows and whys to fix this common problem. If your intersted lessons [More]
This is a 6 iron at the driving range…….taken the first of the summer…..comments are welcomed thanks for looking
A swing analysis of my swing on the right and siwookim on the left with the driver. The camera angle may be a little different, but you can clearly see the differences. This driver shot [More]