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Making slow, full swings helps to heighten your awareness of what the clubhead, clubface and clubshaft is doing as well as how your body is moving. In this video, I try to make the laziest [More]
Learn how to perform the perfect Kettlebell Swing for strength and golf power with all your clubs.
Long drive – Increase Squat and Deadlift- Call Us Today! (610) 730-1110 Episode 13:: Featuring Zach Fuller owner of Corexcell. In this episode you will learn the 4 best core tests and exercises to [More]
Golf Workout – Improve Right Arm Fold. Learn how to improve your swing plane. Alistair Davies Golf is joined by Andrew Caldwell – pure golf fitness to discuss how the right arm folds in the [More]
The new golf swing theory “Inertial swing” makes your golf swing efficient. You can buy the “inertial swing program” and get big distance. [ Program Contents ] 1.Practice for using side of trunk 2.Practice for [More]
Stability and good movement around the shoulder blades is essential for efficient movement and maximising your golf swing.
**You will IMPROVE YOUR GOLF SWING & Become FLUID & FEEL BETTER doing this yoga routine for golfers!** Why Stretching Won’t Make You Flexible – FREE Download — The poses and postures in this [More]
You are currently watching a video about a simple swing tip that every golfer needs to do so they can improve their golf. If your intersted lessons then please visit the website Online lessons [More]
Today’s Q&A Q: I’m a beginner and I do not understand this concept (of using your body). I can stop at the top, then move my body (but not in a flowing motion). Could you [More]