Discover the best type of golf stretching to do before a round of golf.
For More information check out For More information on our Golf Performance program check out This one stretch can dramatically benefit you golf game. If the hips are tight, especially the hip flexors, [More]
We sent The Golf Chica to catch up with Miguel Angel Jimenez at Las Colinas Golf & Country Club. Jimenez shows off his best warm-up stretches before heading out onto the course…
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The best golf stretches to keep yourself in golf shape throughout the winter and in season. Follow Briarwood Golf Club on Twitter @TheBriarwoodGC
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Golf stretches and exercises for flexibility and to avoid injuries: In this video, Doctor Jo shows you some of her best golf stretches to get you warmed up before you take your first swing [More]
Three really simple exercises for golfers to improve flexibility and help warm up before playing golf. targeting rotation around the hips and trunk and mobility around the shoulders.