#1 Key for the golf swing is balance according to Ben Hogan. Remember, you don’t want your toes to be saving you from falling over! Pre-order the My Swing Evolution Golf System here 30 percent [More]
Get great balance tips from our fitness gurus and improve your golf swing.
Simple exercises and drills to improve your golf balance for better feel and rhythm in your golf swing.
Click For Free Video: https://topspeedgolf.com/your-free-video/?vid=125057023 Golf Balance Drill | Easy Step By Step Progression This Golf Balance Drill is a great all around drill that focuses on helping you learn where your masses are and [More]
Golf Fitness Tips from http://www.athleticgolftraining.com Here Alex Fortey demonstrates a selection of golf fitness exercise that help with balance, stability and promots the correct movements for a great consistent golf swing. Learn more on the [More]
Improving your balance will increase accuracy by allowing you to better body control and increased awareness of where your body is in relationship to the ball during rotation. Check out these simple and progressive balance [More]
http://www.bunkered.co.uk/kod How to improve your balance during the golf swing Peter Barber’s advice for Neil Howe was to try and improve his balance throughout the golf swing. Peter gives Neil a simple drill that he [More]
In this video, learn simple but challenging golf balance drills that will improve your swing and handicap, from TPI 3 Certified Trainer Stephen Ladd.