New Zealand PGA Champion Michael Hendry and the Institute Of Golf show off some drills and exercises that shave shots off your game.
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Golf power training. One hand lunge snatch by Jose Bondia (Universiade 7th ranked) with 18kg weighted dumbell. Trained by Luis EspĂ­ – E.S.P.I. (Exercise & Sports Performance Institute)
Med Ball Step Ups- Tour Fitness expert, Randy Myers gives you a great drill to strength your lower body and help your back using a med ball for golf. @RandyMyers_ and @mygogi – Sean Cochran – Sports Performance Coach – Golf fitness exercise to improve total body strength.
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In this 6-week conditioning program, you will learn how to add distance to your drive and improve your handicap through flexibility, balance and core strength exercises.
Advanced 3D corrective exercises You won’t find any other Golf Conditioning Specialist using the same advanced unique training approach.