Another great set of golf fitness exercises you can add to your workout to help improve your power and your golf game. Follow along as Tyler gives details about the importance of each golf exercise [More]
CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT!! Golf exercise to develop more power, rotation and golf strength in the core and posterior chain. For the most effective golf fitness and golf performance coaching, information and [More]
Join me on my journey and a behind the scenes of what goes into my training to gain speed to compete with some of the biggest and longest hitters on the planet. Kai Fusser of Kai Fitness for Golf demonstrates exercises using an Indo Board. Is there really such a thing as a Golf Exercise Program? Have you seen Tiger’s guns? You bet there is! And in this video, your teacher routinely hits 350+ yard drives, so it’s worth [More]
Golf exercise with a twist to increase power, balance and strength for golf. This is version of many common golf exercise but with an added challenge, balance an bi lateral. If you have a [More]
Follow along each week with more exercises to help boost your club head speed. 1/2 kneeling swings with a scissor jump for ground force.