In this short video I pop over to Hayle, not just to be weighed as its weigh-in Wednesday but also because I managed to get my first appointment with Chiropractor. My back has been serious [More]
The perfect stretch to do first thing in the morning! For detailed instructions, coaching keys, and more information on this and other exercises in the Golf Loopy Golf Performance System, please visit
Dr. Maggie Henjum, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT covers the basics of planking to help you maximize your return and eliminate any pain you may be having from inaccuracies in performing this exercise. Last week Mike explained how back pain can be caused by poor posture, and how you can rid it from your body with exercise. This week, Leo explains that back pain can also be [More]
Back Workout – Easy Fitness and Food Tips with Melissa
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Limited Hip Internal Rotation is something I see fairly often, particularly with male golfers. Limited internal rotation around the hips can really restrict efficient hip movement and lead to compensatory movement patterns (dependent upon swing [More]
In episode 22 of this 50 week series, Jeff Ritter shares an important practice for efficiency recovery in the treatment of sore golf muscles. For hundreds of FREE videos, audio lesson and more visit [More]