Senior Golf School, Boca Raton
Golf Fitness: 5 essential golf fitness exercises you can perform to improve your overall game. Get more golf fitness exercises at
Senior Golf Lesson GolfZone video John Davis takes us through a great little drill designed to help the senior golfer get properly warmed up before a round or a practice session.
Tyler Parsons breaks down 5 movements that will help you clear your hips and maintain your posture to help you become a great ball striker. Learn how to move and then add the needed speed [More]
Today in Project Fitness, as we know, golf season is in full swing and to better your swing by adding more strength, we get tips from the fitness pros. Take a look.
Dan (80) is a life long golfer. In this video, he shares golfing tips for seniors and teaches us that even if you’re no longer in your athletic prime, there are always benefits to getting [More]
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I finally succumbed. Any resistance I had to swing easy has now evaporated. I am truly converted. The Easiest Swing in Golf really is the way to go. And I am living proof of it. [More]