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  • Watch free golf fitness and exercise videos  that target specific muscle groups used in your golf game, improving body motion or flexibility. These video tips, techniques, drills are from local and pro golf trainers, proven to improve aspects of your game and eliminating several bad golf playing habits.

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Www.focusgolfgroup.com/videos When you need to work on your shoulder turn and find it difficult to make that solid turn behind the ball, try this fail proof way to make easy and better turns.
How to turn your hips and shoulders in the golf swing golf lesson for beginner golfers and club golfers wanting to improve their golf swing. Mark talks golf shoulder turn drills, shoulder plane and how [More]
Golf Exercise tips from Alex Fortey of http://www.athleticgolftraining.com to build up strength and mobility in the shoulders, rotator cuff and thorasic spine when maintaining a golf posture. I got a little jummbled with tendons/muscles/joints when [More]
Do you struggle to turn your shoulders in your golf swing? Here are 2 exercises that when done consistently will help increase your shoulder turn. A better shoulder turn will lead to more consistent shots [More]
Bad Shoulders – Improve Your Golf Swing with Physical Limitations – Bigger Turn Through The Ball – Stronger Grip
Are you constantly battling to find a good posture in your golf set-up? Have you ever seen your set-up on film and cringed to yourself, thinking, “I look like an old man!!” I’ve heard it [More]
How The Left Shoulder Works In The Golf Swing **Check out our membership site at https://www.cogornogolf.com **Sick of that steep downswing ruining you game? I finally put together a step-by-step program to shallow your downswing! [More]
Golf swing drills and training tips for the shoulders in golf swing. http://www.athleticgolftraining.com The shoulders do play several roles in the golf swing. Here Athletic Golf Training discusses some of them, and provides a great [More]
World’s Best Golf fitness instruction for shoulder stretch and exercise! Dr. Bob Donatelli has trained many golf tour professionals including Fred Funk and Natalie Gulbis. He has worked for many years in the PGA Tour [More]
Peter Sharp from St Leonards Physiotherapy demonstrates the standing shoulder turn which is a follow on exercise from the seated shoulder turn. This exercise helps improve shoulder flexibility for playing golf.