A short video about our award winning SuperFlex Golf Fitness Kit. The golf fitness program utilizes SuperFlex golf bands to improve golf performance. The program focuses on band training exercises to improve strength, speed, [More]
Develop the proper golf impact position using resistance bands. Get more information on resistance bands at, and more drills at
Our golf conditioning program at No Regrets Personal Training (see uses a wide variety of equipment to help the golf player improve their body mechanics resulting in improved distance & accuracy on drives and [More]
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*Perform this warm-up before you go play! * This 5-minute routine will really get your hips and T-spine opened up to go Send it off that first tee!
A cheap Training Aid and something you can do before you get to the course or in the office. What we are trying to do with this Training Aid is teach the feeling of the [More] Check out this golf specific workout that utilizes resistance bands. Mike gives you three great exercises that you can do for a total body workout. These bands are great to fit in your golf [More]
Band Golf Swings serve as an ideal exercise to build functional strength and power in the trunk. In this video will look at the proper execution of the exercise, associated benefits, and common movement errors. [More]
► In the penultimate video of this mini series Golf Monthly’s Jeremy Ellwood teams up with golf physiotherapist Suzanne Clarke to look at ways you can use a resistance band to improve your strength and [More]