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Jes Reynolds of Elevated Fitness demonstrates exercises to increase hip rotation, critical for a good golf swing. Produced by a2zoom productions. Here is our first workout to our “Pre-Season Golf Fitness Workout Program.” This workout covers the first fundamental pillar in golf fitness training which is flexibility and stability. This workout will allow you to [More]
Short on time and want to work as many areas you can to help your golf game, here is an exercise to help!
This is a basic home golf fitness workout for those golfers with limited to no experience doing any strength training before. Visit for the accompanying program.
As featured in Ron Kapriske’s Golf Digest Fitness Friday “Pure It With Your Pecs,” Coach Joey D explains the role of the chest muscles in the golf swing, and shows two great ways to isolate [More] and Golf fitness girls in dallas tx have found a new discovery to gain strength, flexibility and increased energy through golf specific training. Me Yroung shows you the effectieness of this golf specific [More]