Our Golf Professional Aimee Cho prepared a quick 1 Minute Warm-Up to help you enjoy your round better! If you tee off without warming up, you may: -get injured -lack rotation -swing too fast -lose [More]
www.seancochran.com – Sean Cochran – Sports Performance Coach – Golf fitness exercise to improve hamstring flexibility
Dustin Johnson and Randy Myers provide some effective stretches before teeing off. Transcript Randy Myers here, and uh wanted to introduce you to Dustin Johnson and show you a couple stretches that you can do [More]
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www.hansenfitnessforgolf.com Check out these three exercises for added mobility and more flexibility this coming season.
In this short video PGA Professional at The Belfry Chris Ryan looks at things that golfers with limited flexibility can do to help improve their golf. â–ºSubscibe to Chris Ryan Golf for more instruction! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=chrisryangolf [More]
www.mattscottgolf.com Here’s some basic stretches, great for senior golfers (or any golfers). These are purely a starting point and by no means an extensive stretching program.