Golf Flexibility. In this video, Jeff gives you a quick test you can do to make sure your shoulders are moving around your hips and why that is so important for your swing. Golf Warm-Up. [More]
There are many ways to open up your hips before your game, but there some stretches and mobility drills, that are quicker, and essential to create more space in the joint, create more power, and [More]
PGA Golf Professional Piers Ward demonstrates an exercise to improve your flexibility to help maintain your posture in the golf swing. A golf stretching routine helps players enhance their ability to play excellent strokes by improving golf fitness and flexibility. When performing this 10 minute golf stretching routine, be sure to warm up first and [More]
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Bonus Vid: Groups like Titleist Performance Institute are happy to take your $10k to run you through a battery of tests to show you that you’re not flexible enough to make a full shoulder [More]