Our 24th of August 2016 insert featuring putting training aids and our new Endless Isles in store.
After watching the putting stroke, it is determined that in the early videos, there is too much movement. Not necessarily is the head moving, but the upper body is moving. If the upper body lifts [More]
Putting training aids with tools you have at home or in your golf bag. Take them to the course or use them at home in the off-season. #improveyourputting #swingsmilewalkrepeat #betterputter Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/quitethechap A 4 episode [More]
Dave Marsh from iGolftv explains some of the putting aids used by the top professionals on tour and how to get the most out of them. For more information on each practice aid see below.
Which mirror is right for you? http://www.eyelinegolf.com/collections/the-eyeline-putting-mirror-collection-2014 Hundreds of Tour players use EyeLine Putting Mirrors. Why do they use them? What do the mirrors give them? Alignment of eyes, shoulders, putter face; putter path assistance [More]