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If you find that your shoulders are holding you back, Golf Digest fitness editor, Ron Kaspriske, demonstrates two exercises and a pre-round warm-up move that can help.
Golfers need good shoulder mobility and stability. Here’s a couple of tests and some simple exercises to help improve mobility and stability, and improve your golf performance.
Learn the perfect golf takeaway: Learn the one move in your golf takeaway and backswing that is causing your shoulder pain. A lead shoulder impingement is a preventable and correctable golf swing injury. Don’t [More]
This 3D animation was constructed from extensive information from multi-camera video capture, 16 lead EMG (electromyogram) recording from 100 driver swings, and about a half a year of working with a 3D animator to perfectly [More]
3 simple exercises for strong and healthy shoulders. Golfers rely on their shoulders to generate power, this workout will strengthen them and help guard against injury. Please like, subscribe and leave a comment Visit [More]
Do you have a nagging shoulder pain that just won’t go away? Is it affecting your golf game? In today’s video, Jeff shows you a few simple exercises you can do with a resistance band [More]
Here’s some basic shoulder blade (scapula) exercises to hope improve your golf. Exercises incldude all movements of the scapula, plus external rotation and flexion of the shoulder.