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TRX Exercise to Improve Your Golf Game
Have you exer heard of a landmine? For exercises? And specifically using it for golfers? Well, in tody’s video, Jeff is going to walk you through what a “landmine” is, first of all, and secondly, [More] State College fitness expert, Ryan Burke (NASM, CPT) reveals his top ten golf readiness exercises. Learn how to improve your ankle and hip mobility by increasing your core stability resulting in better swing mechanics.
Golf doesn’t just stop on the course! At MJ Golf Performance, we provide clients with a variety of golf specific exercises that targets their needs as a golfer, and supplements their work on the driving [More]
Follow along with this weeks movements that make you work outside the box of golf specific exercises to improve your golf performance. If you want more stability or more power this is a must in [More]
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TPI Golf Fitness Coach Level 3 Stephen Ladd demonstrates several band or cable golf rotational exercises for strength, power and distance.
Focusing your work out routine to include golf specific exercises will help you improve your game. Incorporate exercises that work your lower body and core and flexibility. Crunches, push ups, sit ups, extensive stretching, etc. [More]