Improve your golf game by improving your strength. Strength exercises directed toward the muscle groups related to the golf swing and golf game.
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Series of Paired GolfBand strength training drills to strengthen, core, shoulders, back, chest & arms. Great for academy & junior coaching sessions. interactive Golf specific strength training
Fitness training with the Bosu balls and Mike Westhead.
TPI-Certified Golf Fitness Instructor Corey Taylor from demonstrates a great way to increase leg power with the single-leg deadlift exercise. More at
World’s Best Golf fitness strenght training tips and lessons! Dr. Bob Donatelli has trained many golf tour professionals including Fred Funk and Natalie Gulbis. He has worked for many years in the PGA Tour Fitness [More]
In this episode Chris Thompson, Director of the Heuser creates a fitness routine for golfers.
Preseason golf conditioning
GOLF FITNESS EXERCISE PRESCRIPTION FOR GOLF FITNESS AND GOLF PHYSICAL LIMITATIONS AND GOLF SWING INCREASE STRENGTH FOR GOLF This is our second workout for more strength in your golf swing. This will allow you to progress from workout #3 once you have perfected that form, by adding a little bit of resistance. [More]